Marrying Over 40- October 2011 Spotlight- Crystal Mary Lindsey

Crystal Mary is a retired Registered Nurse (BSN) holding a Post Graduate Degree in Mental Health and P.H.T.L.S. in Emergency Medicine. She also has a Diploma in Professional Counseling/Psychology.  Crystal Mary resides in sub-tropical Queensland, Australia, with her beloved American husband Raymond and their little Australian terrier dog Monty. She blogs at

Pictured above-Raymond and Crystal Mary in church
Here is Crystal Mary’s inspiring story of Marrying Over 40 in her words:

Life can be funny. I came out of a violent marriage and never wanted to enter in again. I was working in Emergence medicine and completing another degree.

Life was hectic with not much social life. One of my colleagues, a doctor, was having lunch with me one day and told me I needed a life. Two days later, he said the same thing. This time he told me I was too young to be alone, (what! I was fifty- nine). I looked good for my age as I didn't drink, smoke or eat a lot of takeaway.

I met a man from Tennessee online who looked like a country boy. He was shy and kind and we got on well. I got a cam camera and so did he, so we could see and talk to each other. We did this for four months. I never believed I would meet him.

Anyhow, another friend was trying to persuade me to go to a Christian conference in Chicago. My mother told me I should go, it would be good for me, so I made plans.

I told Ray from Tennessee that I was going to Chicago. I didn't ask to meet him. I believed that was up to him, if he were interested.

To cut a long story short, he had been married twice and had lived alone for 28yrs. He had one married son. He was also a Vietnam vet, ex marine.

I had been alone for about 10yrs. We liked each other and had similar interests and natures. He asked me to marry him very quickly, probably because I would have gone back to Australia and he would never have seen me again.

We have now been married for seven years and are happy together.

Cynthia's note: I want to thank Crystal Mary for sharing her story and for being a fellow believer that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD! (Matthew 19:26)…even marrying after 35 or 40! If you know a believer who married again or for the first time after 35 or if you fit this category, please email me the details. Thanks and Blessings!


  1. Hello Cynthia, I looks strange to see Ray and I featured as special.. I know we are to God and that is so very important. I also know that God chose us for each other.
    Man and wife sit on a set of old fashioned scales, we are both needed to balance the other. Men and woman are so different in many ways, our physial shape, bones, brain and inner sexual organs are different, as well as the way we view life. Most women are more emotional and most men more logical..Yes, God did it right to bring us both together, his ways are perfect, so we should all honour the marriage bed by always loving, caring and forgiving the other. God Bless you heaps.. Crystal Mary xxx

  2. Crystal Mary, I am so honored to feature you and Raymond. Thank you for sharing your private story to give others hope and thanks for your words of wisdom in your comments. Blessings to you, too!