Karen Abercrombie, Actress,Singer-Songwriter Advice to Single Christian Women

I had the honor of interviewing Karen Abercrombie, the actress who gave a stellar performance as Miss Clara in the movie War Room. I left the interview uplifted and knowing one thing for sure: Karen Abercrombie is not only a talented actress, singer-songwriter, speaker, and producer, but she's a humble, kind, and strong faith warrior.

It's no surprise to me that Karen received a Dove Award, a Movieguide, and a Grace Award for her soul-stirring performance as Miss Clara in the movie War Room.

I asked Karen if she had any advice to share with single Christian women about marriage.

"If you're feeling the pressure to get married, just to get married and you haven't found anyone," she said, "don't just jump into any situation to have a husband and to have a child.

You could be jumping into a fire. Trust God because nothing is more wonderful than having a mate that is loving and supportive. This is a healthy relationship to bring a child into."

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Check out her website https://karenabercrombie.com/