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My goal is to provide guidance and support for Christian women over 35 or 40 who want to marry. Welcome to Marry Over 40 By Faith! I’m Cynthia Wilson James. 

I got married at age 40 to my best male friend Larry (pictured above) on the beautiful island of Jamaica. Our engagement to the wedding story has all the drama and comedy that would make a good tv movie! 

I conceived naturally and gave birth at ages 42 and 44 to two healthy daughters. Having experienced the challenges of being single longer than expected and the desire to have children, I founded InSeason Mom, recognized by CBS New York and NBC News.

I’m a firm believer in different seasons in everyone’s life. The key is never allowing anyone except God to determine where you should be in your personal or professional season of life.

Through my ebooks, coaching, mentoring  and speaking engagements, I share uplifting and practical advice to help Christian women over 35 or 40 navigate the paths to marriage or motherhood. I’ve written Marry Over 40 By Faith Tips and Trying to Conceive After 35 or 40 Coping Tips with you in mind.

I hope you find encouragement reading the stories/posts on Marry Over 40 By Faith website.