Congratulations Marriage Blessings Anika Noni Rose!

 Congratulations Marriage Blessings to Anika Noni Rose, actress, vocalist, and Tony Award-winner and fellow-actor Jason Dirden!  

According to the January 2023 issue of Brides magazine, Anika and Jason were married on October 16, 2022, in Los Angeles. The photos of the wedding in Brides magazine are beautiful!

The talented Anika Noni Rose is best known for her roles in the movie "Dreamgirls"  and for giving life to the voice of Tiana, the first African-American princess in Disney’s  "The Princess and the Frog. " 

Both of these performances are dear to my heart. The Princess and the Frog was the first movie I took my then-young daughters to see in the theater.  We weren't disappointed! In high school, my daughters were captivated by the renowned "Dreamgirls."  Both of my daughters are now in college but they still enjoy watching "Dreamgirls " and reciting line by line with Anika and the other actors.  This InSeasonMom (me) enjoys it too!

Reports state that the beautiful Anika Noni Rose is 50 years old and that her wedding was small and private. 

My single Christian sisters over 35 and over 40, I want you to know that Anika's marriage is not unique because there are others over 40 who are getting married.

Be encouraged God has not forgotten you. He still has wonderful plans for you (Jeremiah 29:11)!