My Golden Bachelor: Dating Tips for Christian Single Women Over 40

 My Golden Bachelor Dating Tips for  Single Christian Women Over 40

Congratulations to the creators of ABC’s The Golden Bachelor for crushing stereotypes about growing older and finding love later in life! Although interesting information has come out about the Golden Bachelor that I don't know if it's accurate or not, here are my 3 dating takeaways for Christian Single women over 40:

Be Memorable and Know Your Value

The contestants did a good job introducing themselves to The Golden Bachelor. Each said something unique about herself.  What’s a unique or fun fact about you that is appropriate to share? 

Realize you are a woman of value. The New Century Version of Psalm 139:14 reads: I praise you because you made me in an amazing and wonderful way.


Be with a Man Who Makes You Feel Special


One woman after the other repeated how Gerry, The Golden Bachelor, made her feel special.  

It’s important to be with a man who makes you feel like he wants you with him, as much as you want to be with him. 

Be with a Man You Think Is Special


The Golden Bachelor contestants made no secret of their thoughts about Gerry. Even some who were eliminated from the competition thanked him for giving them hope, and for being a special man. 

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